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Texas LTC Instructor Course

Texas LTC Instructor Course

To take the Texas LTC instructor course you must already be a certified pistol instructor. Texas state law requires you to be a NRA basic pistol instructor before you can become a Texas LTC instructor. You can become a NRA certified instructor over a weekend.

People from all across Texas come to take our NRA basic pistol instructor course. In our instructor course we give you what’s needed to become a Texas LTC instructor. We hold more instructor courses than anyone else in Texas.

Why Use Us

There is a reason people come from all across Texas to take our instructor course. We dominate the state and we teach you exactly how to do the same. We offer things you can NOT get from any other instructor course in Texas. You will dominate your area using the knowledge and tools you will receive from us. We put you in business fast. See what we offer below.

Online Texas LTC Class

This is the king in Texas and we are the ONLY ones in Texas that can give you the ability to offer the online course statewide. We give you this ability on day one of our course, no certifications needed on your end. The online course will be your number one money maker, we have instructors that make 20k a week using our system.

We created an advanced system that gives you a custom branded website page that allows you to offer the official online Texas license to carry class statewide. All of this at no cost to you, you get all of this just for taking our instructor course. No one else has the ability to give you this. Our system is also approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

SEO Masters

We are SEO masters. We teach you how to get to the top of google search results in your area without spending a dime. We have not paid for advertising in over 10 years. We know that you can’t get this anywhere else because for 10 years no one has been able to beat us. You will dominate the search results in your area.

Digital Marketing Machines

We teach you how to build digital marketing machines that will keep any class you teach full and keep your online class selling day and night. You will see they are like magic.

Affiliate Marketing

We make thousands a month from affiliate marketing and have for years, you will learn exactly how we do it and we will set you up with the same exact affiliate programs we use. All at no cost of course. This is something we don’t see any other instructors doing.

LTC Instructor Course

Are you ready to become an instructor? Our instructor course book fast so make sure you enroll soon. We look forward to seeing you in class.