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Refund Policy

We have a no refund policy. As soon as you purchase our online courses you will have immediate access to the information that we sell. For this reason we have a no exceptions, no refund policy. It is the only way to protect us and our products.

It is up to you to understand the course you are purchasing. Our purchase pages cover all of the details on the course before you make the purchase without any misrepresentation or misleading information about the course.

Your Information

Any information we gather from you will NOT be sold or shared with any other company. The information we gather is strictly used to provide the service you purchased including issuing a certificate of training and processing your payment. After your course expires your information is automatically destroyed. We do not store your information after the service is provided.

Website Security

Our website uses the latest security features available and is always kept up to the latest security standards. We meet or exceed website security requirements.

Payment Security

All payments made on this website are processed with Stripe. Stripe provides all the security for the payment info you enter on this website. Your payment info is not stored on our website nor do we have access to it. Stripe uses state of the art security technology to protect your information.

Stripe is trusted and used by companies like, Amazon, Google, instacart, Shopify, Lyft, salesforce and others. Stripe has one of the most secure payments software available.