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NRA Pistol Instructor Course

NRA Pistol Instructor Course

The NRA Pistol Instructor Course is the course needed to become a NRA certified instructor. This certification is what’s needed in almost every state to teach “CCW” concealed carry classes. So if you are looking to teach concealed carry classes in your state, this certification is for you. As a NRA pistol instructor you will also be able to teach basic pistol classes.

Before taking the instructor course the NRA has some pre requisite courses that you must have. We include all of these in our instructor course making it easy for students and saving them time and money. We certify more NRA instructors than anyone in the United States. Our NRA training center is always booked.

People travel from all over to take our NRA pistol instructor course because we include things that you will not get in any other NRA instructor course. We give you our business plan, the same plan we used to lead the industry. This includes how to get a website for free, how to do SEO and dominate search results in your area and the real magic that I can’t say here. We will also teach you how to set up your business.

NRA Certified Instructor

As a NRA Instructor you will also have benefits provided by the NRA including the ability to post your classes on the NRA website. The NRA has also started advertising these classes for you. Below are some addition benefits.

  • Required by almost every State that has a permit to carry class
  • The ability to post all of your classes on the NRA website
  • Students can register for your class directly from the NRA website
  • Power point and class materials are provided by the NRA
  • Students searching the NRA website will find your classes
  • You will be able to issue students an official NRA certificate of training

If you are ready to become a NRA certified instructor we would love to have you in class. We are worth the trip. Check our course schedule and register soon because they fill fast.