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Houston, Texas License To Carry Class

Houston Texas License To carry

The online LTC class is the easiest license to carry class in Houston, Texas. Online license to carry classes were approved by the state on Texas in 2019 and has become the way most Texans get certified for their LTC. The online course is approved statewide by Texas DPS.

You can now avoid the crowded classrooms in Houston and take the online license to carry class anytime on any device from the comfort of your home. It even works on your smartphone. The course is self paced and has a pass guarantee so you have nothing to lose, it’s that easy.

Houston Texas LTC Class

The Texas license to carry has been called various things over the years. It is now called the Texas license to carry but in the past it was called a concealed handgun license (CHL). These days the license allows you to carry open or concealed so the name was changed to license to carry (LTC). it’s the same license, it just has a new name.

The license allows you to carry in more places and provides a lot of legal protection. It also allows you to carry in most states because a lot of other states honor the Texas LTC. It is one of the most recognized carry permits available and it’s easy and cheap to get these days. The online Houston Texas license to carry course is the most affordable course in Texas.

Texas License To Carry

The course is self paced and is broken down so it is easy for everyone to understand. We have a 100% pass rate, no one has ever failed and we have a pass guarantee. The first step in getting your license to carry is to take this course and it will guide you through the rest.